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1321 – Steve

From Steve:
I know a lot of information the general public doesn’t hear about space and science. I run and admin a group called “Solutions for earth catstrophe cycle 2048” which collects science and technology related to an extinction threat in the future that most people don’t get told about by the governments to prevent panic.

OR, are you not publishing or promoting the censored science of the Electric Universe? I see a lot of your media is just talking about and based on the standard models and mainstream science narratives about how sun works and what the moon is and such. I should like to share with you some videos about the moon that will shock you scientifically into a greater awareness of the #ElectricUniverse. . . Here’s a great video about the craters on the moon being caused by “electrons”. Crazy as it sounds, this is actually the truth and well supported in science that the public is prevented from learning. It’s a big scientific media bias thing. Anyway, here’s some videos in a playlist you should enjoy watching if your the curios scientific type.

link to youtube playlist with all sorts of secret solutions and science.

The moon crater videos are mostly at the beginning of the youtube playlist and very well supported but also not allowed in the public mass media.

FYI. I’m not really that secretive and this information is already shared publicly, so gov and illuminati and all them know all about me and let me exist cause I figure out things they can’t and plus, it’s easy for them to silence me or censor me later or presently if they want. As far the deep state and rothschilds and non-terrestials are concerned, I’m someone they know about and they want to keep me around in case they choose to let me inform the public, then I can serve them that way later.

Also, I’m not alone. there’s other like me who share all this stuff. But obviously the mass media has an advantage over individuals and can indoctrinate the general public.

So many ideas out there that it makes it difficult to figure out what is correct. ! Yep, that’s part of how propaganda and disinformation work. BUT there’s a fairly easy answer to prove to yourself the government and public education about science is lying to the general public. Start with the craters on the moon videos because the cause of the craters being NOT asteroid impacts and the fact that the public is miss-informed about the cause of the craters on the moon is easy to confirm by yourself with just your eyes and reasoning. Once you have convinced yourself that the public science education you’ve recieved about the moon is false, then accepting the rest of the secret science becomes easier.
Ask, why are so many craters on the moon soo very very circular? wouldn’t asteroid impacts come in at all angles and produce more oval or long side swipping impacts.

The government produced some fake science to explain the circular craters as being caused by explosive energy release underground making the angle of impact irrelevant, but that math and science doesn’t hold up to close scrutiny and lots of round craters could not possibly be caused by deep impact energy release. Notice there are too many craters on the rims of older craters. The problem is that such craters on the rim of an older crater should not be very likely statistically with random crater impacts. BUT lighting is attracted to high points on the crater rims and causes those craters. So watch the 3 videos about craters and the moon at the beginning of the youtube playlist which takes about an hour or two and that should be enough to convince you there is a real cover up and real secrets about the moon kept from the public. Then later you can ask what else scientific about the moon is kept secret and there’s probably about 100+ videos in the youtube playlist I shared about the moon science that the general public is generally kept ignorant of.

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