Countdown to the Moon

1833 – Julian

Julian thought NASA’s plans to land on the moon were neat, but he had not heard of them before.  And he thinks we should solve problems on earth before exploring space.  The two problems we talked about were the environment and poverty.  Electric cars need to displace gas cars.  And we should work on putting solar panels on our houses before looking into space based solar power.  He is most excited by solving problems that he can see the benefits of solving.  For example, teachers spend much time looking for an eraser for the marker board, he has an idea for a solution.  Also, getting tape off of a spool of tape is a pain.  He is working on a solution to that too.  In 2024, Julian will be a freshman in college.  And he doesn’t plan to go wild when people are on the moon.

Julian has his own YouTube channel:

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