Countdown to the Moon

1828 – Maggie

Within the next 1828 days we will have people on the moon. NASA’s Artemis program will put the first woman and the next man on the moon in 2024. This will be a multi-pronged effort that will include international partners and private enterprise. It will focus on sustainability and reusability using reusable rockets from SpaceX, Blue Origin, and potentially other providers to put the Lunar Gateway in place, stage the lunar lander (which will be reusable) and to send probes across the moon.

Today I talked to my sister Maggie about this. She was not aware of NASA’s plans, but she supports them. She is a librarian at an elementary school, and she says her students are excited about space. Books about Buzz Aldrin and Scott Kelly are popular. She thinks that NASA sending people to the schools to talk about it at big gatherings (such as open houses and days when there are assemblies) would be a good way to inform the people.

If the landing happens on a school day, she thinks they will stream it live at the school.

She was surprised to learn that it has been so long since we have been to the moon.

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