Countdown to the Moon

1825 – Mom

In 1825 days people will once again be on the moon. In 5 short years, NASA will have the first woman and the next man walking on the moon as part of the Artemis program.

Today I had a wide ranging discussion with my mom. We talked about the first moon landing in 1969 that was motivated by the geopolitics of the time. The Russians were beating us in space. Children at the time played Sputnik tossing a ball over the house, a miniature version of the Sputnik satellite orbiting the earth.

We also talked about the places on the earth that are undeveloped. And the return that people might get from investing in space. We should not do things for money sake. We should do things that are worth doing.

We even talked about the Tower of Babel and pondered what god’s view might be on space exploration.

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