Countdown to the Moon

1802 – Christa

I talk about the moon a lot! Last night I went to a lecture at Rice University by David Kring, Ph.D., Senior Staff Scientist at Lunar and Planetary Institute. There is so much we learned by the few rocks that the Apollo astronauts brought back. There is so much more we have to learn.

The permanently shaded areas (PSAs) are colder than the surface of Pluto. They have captured ices from comet and wet meteor impacts for billions of years. You have heard about the water ice. But last night I learned there should be many other ices. CO2 and NH4. We can grow plants and make methane on the moon! And there are so many different areas that we have not explored.

I talked to Christa about us going to the moon. As my sister, she has heard me talk about our trip to the moon many times. I think she will be excited to see it actually happen. She would go if she could. So would I. Ad Luna!

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