Countdown to the Moon

1800 – Rama

“We need to work on developing the character of humanity”. There are 1800 days between now and the end of 2024 by which time NASA has set the goal of landing people on the moon again. I talked to Rama about it. He thinks that we need to develop our character as a society. We should learn to get along with each other and to respect each other. “Technology has given us great capability but we have not developed enough to use it wisely”

Rama asked me what I thought was the best thing that space has given to us. For me it would be “perspective”. We are a mere speck in the cosmos. The universe does not revolve around the earth. Rather the earth is just one of billions of worlds.

Also, the world is not naturally divided between nations. It all flows together. We should work on making life better for all humanity.

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