Countdown to the Moon

1774 – Sheila

Sheila has not heard about NASA’s plans to go to the moon in 2024. She thinks it is a good thing that we are exploring space because we are not managing the earth well. She is not interested in traveling to space herself.

It is an interesting point to say that we should explore space and colonize space because we are messing up earth. This is often sited by people that are both for space (we need a back up) and against space (we need to fix earth). And one of my previous interviews even went as far as saying that we should not explore space because we will just mess it up.

However, fixing the earth is also the point of space travel. Jeff Bezos talks about moving all heavy industry and mining off of earth and zoning earth as a park and light industrial. Many people react to this saying it is impossible, uneconomical. But they do this while flying on planes that can take them between any place on earth in less than 24 hours and over WhatsApp that lets them have video calls in real time with nearly anyone in the world and as they answer the door to take receipt of their Amazon order just placed an hour ago while watching a streaming movie just released yesterday. All of which would have been deemed as impossible and uneconomical just a few years or decades ago. Now it is just a normal part of everyday life.

With scale, constant and quick refinement, and complete operational reusability, space is about to open up in an unimaginable way. The way that some people could envision the internet’s capabilities in the early 1990s in the age of the dialup modem, so I and a few others can see what space will be like.

In the 2030s there will be everyday travel to space and industrialization and mining in space that will be taken as a normal thing. Things that were though impossible just a few years ago will become common in the next decade.

Exciting times ahead. Space will be the new internet. Anyone that can do anything related to space will be in high demand. Study up!

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