Countdown to the Moon

1707 – Haris

Be careful what you call impossible. In the 19th century, no one would guess that a person sitting in Houston, TX, USA would be able to have a real-time, video conversation with a person in Lahore, Pakistan. Yet, today we do that and think nothing of it.

Elon Musk wants to build a city on Mars. Seems like it is impossible today. But in a decade or two will we see the beginnings of it. And in a century will it be something that we all take for granted? “Of course, we have a city on Mars. We have always had a city on Mars.” Might seem as certain as there being a New York or a Las Vegas. Not really something that could be believed a thousand years ago, yet here we are.

Jeff Bezos wants to develop space to protect the earth. It is hard to imagine moving all our energy production into space… He wants to move mining and heavy manufacturing off of the earth. Anything that harms the earth should be done some place else. It seems impossible now. But I imagine all those “Made In China” labels would have been unbelievable a hundred years ago. Maybe we will see a “Made On The Moon” label at some point.

We can create a hopeful and amazing future for humanity. We just need to focus on actions that take us in that direction. We need to change the way we think and the way that we approach our existence on earth.

Do your part!

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