Countdown to the Moon

1701 – Redouane

We will always have problems on earth. “The poor are always with you” It does not mean we should ignore it. We should address it. But that does not mean everything else on earth should be placed on hold. We should explore, discover, create. We have to approach life with balance.

The ice on the poles of the moon is a critical resource. We need to take steps that we preserve it. It would be bad to go to the moon, and do something to waste this resource.

The Outer Space Treaty needs to be rethought. We need to open up the economic forces to move us into space. And this means the ability for countries to claim resources and places off of earth. Yes, we need to protect the rights of countries that will come later. But we need to take a balanced approach.

Maybe we should start with giving every country so much area of the moon for so many years. They can sell their area to another country. But to claim it they must do something with it. Place a lander gives them so much area. A rover can give them more. Humans landing gives them more. A permanent base will give them even more.

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