Countdown to the Moon

1663 – Diana

It is amazing how long it has been since we went to the moon. The 1969 moon landing was 6 years before Diana was born. The last time someone walked on the moon was 1972. It was so long ago, it is not surprising that people question if it happened. It will be exciting to return. Stepping bold steps out into space, and seeing the world from a different perspective.

Diana used to have a True Crime podcast. Which inspired me to ask, “When do you think we will have the first murder in space?” Lots of people under high stress situation in close proximity will create difficult relationships. Perhaps it is significantly closer than we like. And there is a whole new set of forensics that needs to be developed to investigate crime in free fall, on the moon, and on Mars. It is an area that we may not like to think about, but could be an interesting intellectual exercise.

Diana would go to space if it were affordable and available. But what kind of ecological problems might sending hundreds of StarShips into space multiple times a day cause and how do we mitigate it? Much to think about.

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