Countdown to the Moon

1643 – Will

Will Young (a.k.a DeepSkyDude) has been working on lifting people’s views to the heavens, informing their perspective of where we are in the universe, and helping to expand our imagination. His videos on YouTube explain what people should expect when attending a Star Party, the Moon/Venus Occultation in 2015, a meteor impact of the moon during the Lunar Eclipse January 2019, and more. Visit his website, follow him on Twitter,TikTok, and Facebook scribe to his YouTube channel.
Through the Astronomical Society of South East Texas he and a group of volunteers have been reaching out to the Beaumont/Port Author/Orange community to spread the knowledge of space.

Will was able to attend the Artemis Day at the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, Louisiana which commemorated the completion of the core stage for the Artemis 1 mission.

There he learned about NASA’s plans to return astronauts to the surface of the moon in 2024.

This will be our “Christopher Columbus” moment. The 2020s will see routine trips to the moon, and trips further into the solar system. Over the next few decades we will have people living, working, observing, discovering, and thriving in the rest of the solar system.

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