Countdown to the Moon

1640 – Stuart

C Stuart Hardwick is a winner of the prestigious Writers of the Future contest and the Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Award. His work regularly appears in Analog Science Fiction & Fact, as well as Galaxy’s Edge, and Mental Floss, among others.


SURVIVING TOMORROW is a collection of 29 stories about survivors
by writers like Neil Gaiman, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Cory Doctorow,
Robert Silverberg, Jonathan Maberry, Seanan McGuire, Andrew Mayne,
Scott Sigler, Orson Scott Card, Alan Dean Foster, A.C. Crispin, and more.
All profits go to providing COVID-19 tests directly to the front lines of this crisis.

Final Frontier: A Sci-fi Celebration of the Indomitable Spirit That Carried Humanity to the Moon
50 years after the moon landings, the commercialization of space travel is finally here, but do we still know how to dream? Final Frontier recalls the heady thrill of the Apollo program and glimpses wonders yet to come. In a dozen uplifting stories by today’s award-winning authors, find humor, tragedy, sacrifice and good old fashioned cussedness—with a healthy dose of optimism.
All that, plus a forward by NASA astronaut Stanley G. Love, a poem in homage to astronaut artist Alan Bean by a former NASA colleague, and a piece by Spider Robinson, inspired by Robert Heinlein and set to music by David Crosby of Crosby, Stills & Nash!

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