Countdown to the Moon

1580 – Donald

Donald is a graphics designer and video editor living in Togo. He likes football (soccer) and music. (He like Brazilian music and is learning Portuguese). In Togo the national language is French. And the public schools require a small fee, but classes can have over 100 people in them. Only the rich people really go to the university. Internet access is not wide spread. And electricity can go out every week or so. (It did during this interview). Clean water is available in the cities. But in the country side it is not. It is a “democratic” government. But it appears to be ruled by a select few people that are able to stay in power. Corruption is a problem.

Donald knew about NASA’s plans to go to the moon because of people he had worked with in the US. He thinks going to the moon could be bad for poor people in Africa for two reasons. The development of infrastructure and institutions in Africa could be enhanced with that money. And exploring space might affect the weather here on the earth.

Donald does not have an interest in traveling to space. But he would like to visit Brazil.

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