Countdown to the Moon

1569 – Sean

Sean Sessel is the CEO and Founder of The Oculus Institute which provides Comprehensive Personal Development. We talked mainly about the work he does to help people get back into touch with their passions and to have a career that provides meaning and fulfillment.

I recently saw some posts on LinkedIn about people in Aerospace talking about how their counselors, peers, parents attempted to direct them in a different direction. Because they were starting their careers when the Apollo program was winding down (others also chimed in saying they had a similar experience when the Shuttle program was winding down). But they stuck with it and were able to be apart of the beginning of this New Space Age.

Some core values that are essential for success:
1) Critical Thinking. It does not matter who is saying it. It matters what is the truth. Find the Truth and stick with it regardless of what the world does, and eventually they will catch up with you. It is OK to question authority. In fact, you should question authority!

2) Honesty. Honesty in your business dealings. Honesty with yourself. Honesty with your family and friends. People should be able to trust you and know that what you say is the truth.

3) NEVER SETTLE. Don’t be satisfied with “Good enough”. Achieve your dreams and do not stop until you do. Do not let other convince you to be “realistic”.

Find a path that is right for you! Don’t feel the need to follow what everyone is doing. Do some introspection to see if you are living for yourself or doing what people tell you should do. Do not live like a zombie in a corporate job. Find a career that makes you come alive.

If you dream of settling space, if you dream of going “out there”, then don’t settle for anything else. We can do it. And you can be a big part of it.!

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