Countdown to the Moon

787 – Pravin Patel

#DRPPP is the Celebrity Guru award winning author of the book “You are the Celebrity”.

#DRPPP is the Marathon Man who ran more than 20 full marathons.

#DRPPP is The Himalayas Guru who is climbing The Everest, The Himalayas by God’s grace and your blessings .

#DRPPP is 2+ times Canadian, 5+ times International the Bestseller, Guinness World Records Award Winning A.U.T.H.O.R of only 10+ books by God’s grace and your blessings .

#DRPPP is the A.U.T.H.O.R of the upcoming book “You Are The Love”.

#DRPPP is the #UnitedNations Peace Ambassador of the World .

#DRPPP served in the Canadian Army as the field engineer.

#DRPPP is the Founder of , along with his wife, Jolly Joyful Jasmine Patel #JJJ.

#DRPPP is the Founder of You Are The Love Marathon.

#DRPPP is The Celebrity Coach of the World .

#DRPPP is The Celebrity Speaker Creator who created hundreds and hundreds The Celebrity Award Winning Speakers all over the World .

#DRPPP studied western medicine from the east & homeopathy, the eastern medicine from the west.

#DRPPP met over thousand and thousands celebrities from all over the world, e.g. Boĺlywood celebrities, Hollywood celebrities, spiritual celebrities, celebrity politicians, celebrity Cricketers, celebrity tennis players & other Sports Celebrities,celebrity entrepreneurs, celebrity award winning authors.

#DRPPP is the Hollywood & Bollywood actor.

#DRPPP ‘s Mission, Passion, Purpose and Vision is to “Awaken the Love, Spirituality and Celebrity within you and 8000000000+ people of the world”.

For #DRPPP ‘s rates and availability as the Celebrity Speaker as well as the Celebrity Coach, please visit

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