Let me interview You!

The 1990s were a pivotal decade for the internet. And in much the same way, I believe the 2020s are going to be pivotal for how we think about human activity in outer space.

One of the milestones of this decade is returning humans to the moon. In 2024 NASA will send four astronauts around the moon. The last time was 1972! And humans will be back on the surface making those next boot prints on the moon in 2025.

I am having a casual conversation with a different person each day till the end of 2024 to document people’s thoughts on it. These conversations are open ended, but there are a few questions that I try to get in:
1) Did you know NASA was sending astronauts back to the moon?
2) What do you think about it?
3) Where do you see humanity in 200 years?
4) Would you take a trip to space if you could?

I want to get as many diverse perspectives as possible. It doesn’t matter if you know about space or not. It doesn’t matter if you think it is a good idea or not. YOUR VIEWS MATTER.

I see this project as a time capsule that future generations will look back on to understand these times and how we viewed the future. Make your views and opinions a part of it.

Schedule an Online 15 minute ZOOM interview to be a part of the project. Click here to select the day that works for you.

Here is a montage of some of the interviews.

See all the interviews here http://CountdownToTheMoon.org