Countdown to the Moon

1709 – Dave

Dave is the uncle of a dear friend of mind in York. We talked a bit about him at the beginning.

Dave had not heard about NASA’s 2024 moon plans. He pointed out that some people might take exception at the phrase “back to the moon” as some people do not believe that NASA actually made it to the moon the first time. In fact, Dave remembers seeing the video when he was 25 of the 1969 moon landing, and it looked very unreal to him. And NASA was under a lot of pressure to get there by the end of the decade, and he wonders if maybe NASA claimed victory without actually making it there.

This is an echo of some other conversations that I have had. I had talked to a medical doctor who saw a documentary on the history channel that made the assertion that no one could survive the radiation of the Van Allen belts which the Apollo astronauts would have had to go through.

I had also talked to some people that doubted it because we stopped going. “If we really went to the moon” they reasoned, “then why did we stop? Why can’t we go there now.”

I think all of these are reasons to successfully complete the 2024 moon landing.

Dave also thinks that the expense of going to the moon would be better focused on earth. I mentioned Jeff Bezos idea that we could use space to protect the earth I did not get to explore this as much as I would have liked.

Dave has no interest in going into space himself. He would rather see more of the earth.

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