Countdown to the Moon

1710 – Drishti

Like almost everyone I have interviewed so far, Drishti had not heard about NASA plans to put people on the moon in 2024. She thinks it is a good thing to be exploring and to be pushing our frontiers.

Space exploration and how the earth relates to the rest of the universe is not something that people in her community are really concerned about. Most people are concerned with the activities around their lives and local communities. This echos some of the comments by previous people I have interviewed. People simply do not think space exploration is something that will affect their lives or something that they really do not need to think about.

And it will be really surprising to them when the SpaceX Starship starts having successful launches, and opens up space. I think the implications of this is beyond imagining and will come to a great shock to 99.99999% of the worlds population.

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