Countdown to the Moon

1619 – Shaheer

Shaheer Rizvi teaches entrepreneurship in Pakistan. The biggest obstacle to entrepreneurship is MINDSET. Believing it can be done. Believing it should be done. Believing that you can do it. MINDSET drives everything.

Shaheer believes that going to the moon can help with the MINDSET of humanity. Yes, we have problems here on the earth. But by going to the moon and showing that humanity can go further, we can improve our mindset about what is possible.

How many people have said, “If we can go to the moon then we should be able to solve xyz”? And after half a century of not going to the moon, how many of us have fallen into the thinking “We can’t even do today what we did in the 1960s, how can we possibly deal with this.” How has that deteriorated our mindset and vision for dealing with the problems on the earth?

I look forward to the day when humans can look up at the moon and see human activity with the unaided eye. When we know without a doubt that humanity has been able to grow beyond the cradle in which it was born.

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