Countdown to the Moon

1618 – Sanjoy

Sanjoy is the founder of the Love Commandos, a group that helps people seeking a love marriage in societies where marriage is traditionally arranged.

Sanjoy points out that the moon is one. It is not divided into countries with borders like the earth has. Humanity is one people. And when we go out into space we should go as one people. Not as a divided species, but as people who are looking at the amazing universe that we live in and seeking to elevate all of humanity.

When you look at earth from the moon, you see a blue ball, small, finite, fragile, undivided. You see a world that should be united. Where the people work together to help each other. A simple principle we should have “Do not go to sleep if your neighbor is hungry” We should look out for each other.

It may seem impossible that humanity can unite as one. But consider what we have been able to accomplish in the past 100 years.

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Hi Girijesh, thank you for pointing that up. I have updated it to say he is the founder of Love Commandos.

India may reach the Moon in 2024 but the question remains: Is Indian society update for the occasion?
In a country where a son’s wife is decided by his mother and a daughter’s husband is decided by her father, inspite of glorifying the mythological LOVE of Krishna and Radha, India is totally UNFIT to celebrate the OCCASION (reaching the Moon by 2024)!
India should first ACCEPT that marriage is ‘candidates’ choice’. Otherwise, what was the harm in child marriage? Child marriage was declared ‘illegal’ just because it is adult candidates’ PREROGATIVE to marry a partner of his/her choice. If parents’ have the main SAY even after the candidates attain ‘adulthood’, then, what is the BENEFIT of being an ADULT? In this sense ‘child marriage’ was better!
When 2 adults want to marry, what is the role of parents there?
Thank you!

Nice stuff. More power to them. Need more people thinking on these lines. I do everyone shoud. Too many divisions too much parental control too much madness. Love transcends all. Cheers.

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