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Sam and I are both Space Hero Insiders, which I should tell you a little about first. Space Hero is a world wide, reality TV contest with a grand prize of a 10 day trip to the International Space Station (ISS). There have been many other contests that aimed to send someone to space that never amounted to much. Why should Space Hero be different? Well, first off, Dr. Moriba Jah is one of their spokespeople. He is a professor at the University of Texas in Austin, and he spoke at the September 2020 meeting of the North Houston Space Society. Also, Axiom Space announced that they have agreed to facilitate the travel of the winner to the ISS. Axiom Space has a contract with SpaceX to have the first all private mission to the ISS. Axiom Space is also taking Tom Cruise to the ISS next fall. Since signing up to become a Space Hero Insider, I have also met one of the co-founders, Deborah Sass. And it seems to me that this is really going to happen. And I would recommend that YOU sign up for their mailing list and apply to be a Space Hero Insider as well: http://SpaceHero.Me

Back to Sam. Sam Giedzinski is a writer and an engineer. “I have spent most of my life pursuing both engineering and writing: fields that represent the perfect storm of endless creative opportunities.”

His short story “Marshmallows” was published in the 2019 Stylus literary journal, and a draft of my second novel, “Island Rain,” was a featured capstone project in the University of Maryland Arts Scholars 2019 Academic Showcase. He has narrated the thrilling short story “Frankenstein’s Soldier” by Hal Lewis and the mystery novel “What We Kill” by Howard Odentz, both of which are available through iTunes, Amazon, and Audible. The audiobook edition of his short story collection—also narrated by him—is also available. 

You can buy his short story collection, NINE MILLION MARSHMALLOWS AND MORE, on BookshopIndieBoundBarnes & Noble, and—if you really love supporting billionaires—Amazon.

You can also view his author page on Amazon.

And hear him narrate audiobooks from other authors! Listen Now on Audible.

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