Countdown to the Moon

885 – Charles Letherwood, The Mars Leap

Charles Letherwood is the creator of The Mars Leap, an immersive educational experience that will travel to major interactive science museums worldwide.

When Armstrong landed on the Moon, every person on the planet knew…knew… their future lay in space. Today, fewer see ‘Space’ as something for themselves and so they turn to Earthbound concerns instead.  But suppose someone could watch a sunrise over Martian mountains… just once… what would the dreams be like then? 

The Mars Leap is designed to give each visitor a taste of their own possible future in Space and the tools to make it a reality.  It’s a travelling, immersive, interactive, educational exhibit for large regional science museums, letting visitors join a mission to scout the first Martian colonies. They’ll live the experience from training and planning through liftoff and millions of miles of vacuum to Mars. They’ll ponder the Red Planet from an orbiting space station before dropping to the hostile surface.  They’ll learn, firsthand, what it will take to shape Humanity’s next frontier.

Read more about The Mars Leap or connect with Charles through the project website,

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