Countdown to the Moon

829 – Chris Gruttke

Tuesday, September 28, 2022 was an interesting day. Due to family and work commitments, I think I only got 5 hours of sleep and spent close to 5 hours driving and another 8 hours at work.

Come that evening around 10 PM, I still hadn’t had anybody. I reached out to some people online and in person. And nothing quite worked out. And just after midnight I posted the following on twitter:

Several people reposted it. One of them was JEM which I had interviewed a couple of months ago.

One of her friends lives in Arizona, which thanks to daylight savings time and the fact that Texas observes daylight savings time and Arizona does not, meant he was 2 hours behind me. And it was only just 10PM there.

Thank you JEM and Chris for saving my project!!

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